Houben Tcherkelov Catalogue_Cover

Houben Tcherkelov Catalogue

“Why So Serious?” is a dual-language catalogue showcasing artworks by the New York-based Bulgarian artist Houben Tcherkelov.
The book features paintings from the author’s 2020 exhibition in the same name and extensive information about his background and way of life. Tcherkelov aims to explore dialogues between different subjects, eras, and ideologies, citing currency as the most direct way culture is manifested. In his own words, “art and money are similar, in that both rely on trust in order to communicate, since the intrinsic value of a painting, as with a printed bill, is just a fraction of its value.”
Designed to appeal to those wanting to learn more about Bulgarian modern artists. The edition was commissioned by the Museum of Humor and Satire. It includes a special gold Pantone color and banknote textures as a way to highlight Houben’s subject of interest.

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