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ISCA - International Sport and

Culture Association

The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) is a global platform that connects people, culture, sports and organisations. Established in 1995, today the association works with more than 240 organizations from over 80 countries. Looking at sport as a culture of movement, ISCA attracts people of all ages and ethnicities to the idea of ​​learning and changing in the social environment.

Our task was to rebrand ISCA by showing the essence of the association – visible in a subtle yet explicit way. The aim was the identity to be clean and simple but also positive and diverse. The formal communication is more restrained and the promotional materials for events or campaigns are based on strong visual language and bright colors. We have kept the triangles of ISCA’s previous logo and turned them into a key dynamic elements in combination with photographs for the visual materials. We have also created triangular mascots that help convey the association’s main values in a very cheerful and comprehensible way.

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