ONE Architecture Week 2016 Trakiya_Cover

ONE Architecture Week 2016

9th edition of ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK in Bulgaria, focused on one of the largest socialists residential neighbourhoods called Trakiya, located in the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Trakiya was built as a dormitory-suburb in the 70’s and ever since then was transformed daily by its inhabitants with unique man-made solutions. Panel Alphabet typography reflected on the environment in Trakiya today, as each letter signified a genuine element of the neighbourhood and together they communicated the slogan of the event “ACTION! Towards Neighbourhood Practice” in a rather recognizable and associative way. The alphabet also reflected on the creativity and vividness of Trakiya residents and was used to make the entire branding of the event, including print and online materials, as well as the print cover of the special edition for the WEEK called “Almanac of prefab Trakiya”.

Client: Оne Foundation for Culture and Art

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